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“May we never forget that we are all connected, historically, relationally, energetically, and that harm to one is harm to all.”
the sun is setting in an orange sky with purple sky on top of the orange. Wildflowers appear in the forefront of the sunset.
“In Hebrew, shakan, dwelling place, often referred to a royal residence. / The rabbis gave it a feminine ending: Shekhinah. Divine mother.”
womans eye visible behind giant ferns
A mikveh ritual to mark the end of a challenging time.
hand underwater in pool
“Exalt the Divine within you and around you.”
drag queen in pink headdress wearing a black and pink ruffled dress
A complete ritual for monthly exams for all people with breasts
hand holding one apple blossom
Torah and Haftarah blessings addressing the Divine as feminine
open torah scroll
“May my words be embodied. / May my life be lived as prayer.”
woman blowing a handful of confetti into the night
“We seek to embody your sacred passion, your wisdom, your strength”
woman in silhouette standing straight looking ahead with setting sun and dark gray sky in background and some trees
“Give me the strength to discover new ways to be”
young woman with brown skin and long black hair standing in a forest looking up and slightly smiling
“Meet me anywhere / Where G-d stays hidden behind the veil”
light filled field with closeup of tall yellow grasses or flowers

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