Childhood Milestones

The first haircut, the first lost tooth, the first day of school. Childhood is full of firsts—milestone moments when parents pause and realize how quickly time passes and how grateful we are to arrive at each small landmark. These prayers and blessings sanctify such moments, bringing holiness to the everyday business of raising children. 

Latest Rituals

“May you claim your ancient power”
brown skinned woman in black tank dress holding hands and dancing with two brown skinned girls by the ocean with water in the background and sunlight

“Your birthright renews every breath”


“May you never feel alone for you will always have each other”

Sibling Blessing

Ritual haircutting ceremony for children

Upsherin: His and Hers

“Let imagination flow through these portals”

Blessing for a Home Learning Space / ברכה למקום למידה ביתי

A meditation for those who do not read Hebrew but wish to learn Torah

In Each Word a Generation
A poem acknowledging we each have divine gifts.
For Sharing Divine Gifts

A poem for Rosh Hashanah and beginning of the school year on sending one’s child to school

Blessed With Choice

The Reconstructionist Network

From Brokenness to Healing: Making Meaning through Memoir

We will focus on the definition of trauma, how returning to it can help heal, how writing structure and pacing can help contain it, and how we can revision ourselves before and after. 

Six sessions, starting April 18th

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