Mourning & Bereavement

people embrace in tears

Traditional Jewish mourning and bereavement practices are designed to help us bear our grief. But sometimes we need something more: a poem that captures our imagination, a creative ritual that addresses the particularity of our grief, a song that speaks to our heart. May you find a measure of comfort in your time of need.

Latest Rituals

“Now, your breath is within me. / And Kaddish is like a love letter.” 
a collage with the words of the Kaddish and pastel watercolors
“May the Shekhinah drive you home in her taxi…”
a heart shape created from pages of an open book
Elliott batTzedek shares an original interpretation of the Kaddish.
two hands reaching to the heavens
Rabbi Marina Yergin shares a new ritual for mourning.
Rabbi Yergin leans against her father.
“I offer instead / my presence…”
sunbeams coming through the fog in the forest
An greeting for mourners orienting towards one another.
a person in shadow bent in grief
“We get to Kaddish, I just hit a wall…”
a person stands in a sunset, holding a candle
“Into what space do we turn on our winding ways / to the place of tears and grief?”
a person in shadow bent in grief
“Blessed is God, Ruler of the Universe, who created people with disabilities in Your image. / Blessed is God, who cherishes disabled lives and desires that they flourish and thrive.”
a whte-skinned woman sits in a wheelcahr and fold her hands in prayer
“Sometimes there is not /  enough space / to contain all of the grief.”
an empty bench facing a wide green lawn

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