Some journeys take us across the ocean, others simply across town. Frequently, travel involves some risk, and often, it takes us away from people we love. Whether our travels are for work or pleasure, whether the journey is literal or metaphorical, a prayer or ritual can ground us before and after we spread our wings and fly.

Latest Rituals

“We have the opportunity / To become a re-creation”
Hayyei Sarah: My Prayer

“I stand on holy ground”

Abram’s Moonless Night
“Learning from the book of humanity …”
We Dream the Dream

“You are valuable now in this place…”

A Prayer for the Journey from a Place of Disappointment

“Make our every step be a step toward peace”

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Allow us to see that our maps become other people’s compasses

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A new prayer for Jewish travelers

Coming Home Prayer

An athiest travel prayer

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“But the walking kept me from disappearing”

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The Reconstructionist Network

Learning to Say "We": Writing Identity

In this immersion, we will reflect and expand on our personal experiences of identity, using writing exercises and in-depth discussions to think about, challenge, discover, explore, and experiment with different ways to identify ourselves, to consider how those ways connect us to and separate us from others, and how they represent and misrepresent aspects of who we are.

Four sessions, starting June 15th

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