Daily Prayer & Mindfulness

Every moment of every day invites us to pay attention. We can marvel at what happens within ourselves and the world outside of us. Some of us do this through prayer, others through mindfulness and meditation. No matter what form it takes, noticing and appreciating the wonder of life enhances the act of living.

Latest Rituals

“As the winds throw us astray / Get out of your own way…”
a cyclone of wind risging from a green field
“They will sing to you melodies of ascent…”
lighthouse against a starry sky
A new interpretation of the Shehekhiyanu to acknowledge imperfect situations.
hands comforting hands
This prayer/blessing was written in 2020 for the 50th anniversary of Christopher Street Liberation Day, what we now collectively call Pride.
sun reflecting rainbow paint on stones
“Listen to the still small voice whispering your name…”
the words of the shema
“May the Holy Oneness hold us in the Light / so we may gaze upon the Sacred in each other’s eyes.”
a bird flies acriss a sky of clouds, some light and some dark
“May we all remember the story we tell / about Your creation / on this holy Tuesday…”
an older woman and family member sitting on a bench
“I touch the rough bark of a tree and it speaks, but only / in leaves and branches…”
an image of a tree with bark prominet stretching up the a blue sky
Elliott batTzedek shares an original interpretation of the Kaddish.
two hands reaching to the heavens
“Your dancing words / ground me…”
an open prayer book

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