Daily Prayer & Mindfulness

Every moment of every day invites us to pay attention. We can marvel at what happens within ourselves and the world outside of us. Some of us do this through prayer, others through mindfulness and meditation. No matter what form it takes, noticing and appreciating the wonder of life enhances the act of living.

Latest Rituals

“And the darkness of evening becomes the light of Shabbat…”
a starry twilight sky
“Each breath a prayer. Each breath a Hope.”
the night sky over mountains
“Today I am struggling, Hashem, struggling with the weight of my heart and the weight of the world.”
autumn trees set on a lake. The sky is full of sunlight and clouds
An Interpretive and Abbreviated Amidah for Daily Davening during Pride Month
pride flag against a blue sky with white clouds
“Breathe. I command myself to focus on the words Shema Yisrael…”
a woman spreads open her arms to the sky. She is standing ina. field
Too often we fear placing ourselves in another’s shoes because it is hard to feel their pain. Or because it may destabilize our convictions and force us to challenge our own positions. We must fight our own resistance.
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A new interpretation of this evening prayer
full moon over dark landscape
A poem interlaced with words of prayer
starry sky over desert and mountains
This poem includes the Modeh Ani prayer for greeting the day
a bridge with sunlight at its end
In re-encountering Torah every year, we get the joy of meeting up with beloved places and dear old friends.
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The Reconstructionist Network

Dreaming Our Ancestors Home: Connecting With and Healing Our Past

Connect with your ancestral lineage through active waking and sleeping dreamwork. Guided mediations using active dreamwork, time travel to the past and future, and opportunities to engage in dream circles with the class as a whole and in hevruta will be part of the sessions. Four sessions starting March 19.

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