Coming Out

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As gay, lesbian, transgender, asexual, bisexual, and gender-nonconforming Jews have gained more acceptance within the Jewish community, we have sought a Jewish way to “come out”either publicly to our congregations, or privately to our families. Here you will find coming-out ceremonies, prayers, rituals, and personal stories.

Latest Rituals

Two variations of this prayer include one spoken by a person coming out and one for a witness.
a lesbian couple kisses
An affirmative, creative ritual for coming out to a community.
two women wrapped in a pride flag walking in a pride parade
This prayer includes a version for someone coming out and for someone receiving them.
the Pride flad of rainbow colors
This Asexual Coming Out Ceremony can be done by any group or congregation, in any setting.
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“I stand confident in the knowledge of my identity, / and am proud of my courage to claim it.”
A person reaches out their hands to the sunset
To be recited by the person coming out and those who celebrate them.
two hands holding small paper asexual flag

We see each other and we honor our journeys and those yet to come.

Responsive Reading for Coming Out

“To see oneself as completely whole in living”

Pride Shabbat Blessing from an Ally

Prayer honoring one’s gender identity

She’asani Ish V’ishah

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