Torah Portion: Parashah

Each week, we read a different section of the Torah. Sometimes we read stories about our ancestors’ journeys. Sometimes we read details about the ancient Temple or complex lists of laws. Whatever the content, the Torah portion (or parashah) is frequently the basis for discussions and sermons at Shabbat services in synagogue and throughout the week. Torah text has also been the inspiration for many contemporary songs, poems, and prayers. 

Latest Rituals

“Proof that if you look / beyond flood waters, / there will be dry land…”
a white dove opening its wings
A guided meditation inspired by the Torah portion
a field of golden wheat, a blue sky amd green trees in the distance
“This is the first year I thought, how old were those children?”
a brown feathered hawk
We’re delighted to share this resource guide to experiencing the solar eclipse from a Jewish spiritual perspective.
a solar eclipse sun flare against a black sky
A midrash shared from the perspective of Elisheba.
a mirror set in a tree
This powerful poem takes us into Sarah’s inner world.
a woman in shadow across the sand
“The child / had suckled my breast, but / would call another mother.”
A woman sitting alone in the desert
“Make room beyond the river for my sister, who / is singing Miriam’s song…”
a collage features a hand reaching towards the sun
A new interpretation of the 10 Commandments.
a depiction of the 10 Commandments in stone
“How can a body survive so much spilled blood?”
a rose against blackness

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