Torah Portion: Parashah

Each week, we read a different section of the Torah. Sometimes we read stories about our ancestors’ journeys. Sometimes we read details about the ancient Temple or complex lists of laws. Whatever the content, the Torah portion (or parashah) is frequently the basis for discussions and sermons at Shabbat services in synagogue and throughout the week. Torah text has also been the inspiration for many contemporary songs, poems, and prayers. 

Latest Rituals

A participatory D’var Torah for Parshat Beha’alotekha
woman in desert throwing sand in arcs
“Aleph: The silence before the beginning”
deep blue sky with cloud in white, light pink, darker pink, and purple
person climbing hill in sandy desert with footsteps behind them and bright blue sky with white clouds above
“We must bring / What we have / In order to / Rebuild”
person facing sunset with gray clouds on the horizon
“I am walking / because there was no sense in staying”
woman walking barefoot in desert wearing loose striped dress with hair blowing in the wind
“Jacob teaches, / We weave / And reweave, / The narratives / Of our lives”
three candles glowing orange yellow in the dark
“We never threw our brother / into a well, but coveted / his stories and dreams”
waves rippling and crashing to shore
“What if we looked back on every / misery, if not with gratitude, / then with awe?”
young man wrapped in colorful blanket climbing mountain in the desert
“I would lean into the darkness”
silhouette of person walking in desert toward sunset
“Creation happens through the dark”
person standing small on rocky land beneath blue sky full of stars

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