Honoring Our Animal Companions

Pets provide companionship and bring pleasure to our lives. For many of us, these are valuable relationships that add richness and texture to our days. These rituals recognize this special connection and instill holiness into the unique bond between us and our animal companions.

Latest Rituals

“Help us strive to meet their needs with love”
A Ritual and Prayer Upon Adopting and Naming a Pet
“Like all of us, he is / dying; like most of us, he doesn’t / know it.”
Mazel Tov

“Help us hear the pulsating song of the world”

Prayer for the Cicadas

“Each seventeen years, the Creator rejoices”

Cicada Psalm (2004–2021)

“The 17-year-cicada knows nothing / of this mess we’ve made”

Prayer for the 17-Year Cicadas

“my murmurs are threaded / with half-finished dream”

I Promised My Rabbi

“What’s the buzz Israel”

Cicada Shema
The Birds Have Fled

Humanist Sh’ma

canyon between tall red stones

Prayer for a sick pet

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