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“I offer instead / my presence…”
sunbeams coming through the fog in the forest
“May the windows of our prayers / move us into the world of vision…”
a giant sunflower looms against the blue sky
A poem marking the 40th day of fighting after the attacks on October 7th.
a thunderstorm in a dark sky
The poet frames the loss of life in Israel and in Gaze with this powerful liturgy
man bringing flowers to grave in cemetery
An greeting for mourners orienting towards one another.
a person in shadow bent in grief
“We get to Kaddish, I just hit a wall…”
a person stands in a sunset, holding a candle
“A thousand funerals in / one day    a shortage of diggers / an excess of graves.”
headstone with hebrew writing and stones on top
“Once upon the time / last weekend, something changed the composition of my body, / my memories, / and the way that I breathe.”
candle in the darkness
“I pray for a swift end to this unwanted war.”
the night sky
“We are all mourners now / Needing, wanting, giving comfort / For ourselves…” For each other.”
people embrace in tears

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