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“Try not to think / of the children who are not getting their baths, / who are not getting their parents.”
person wearing brown tallit silhouetted against the sunset
“We are looking for you. / We will not let you go.”
A woman's silhouette in the window
“How do we choose who will live or who will die, what measure do we use / to free them and ourselves from this nightmare…”
two hands reaching to the heavens
“How can a body survive so much spilled blood?”
a rose against blackness
“The hills of Judea howl with anger. My heart burns like the end of a match…”
lighting hanukkah candles
“She’s 19 years old, / younger than my children, / older than my grandchildren: Noa Marciano…”
a photo of many candles
“we remind ourselves / of eternal light at the core / of the universe”
view of earth from space
A poem marking the 40th day of fighting after the attacks on October 7th.
a thunderstorm in a dark sky
a family heirloom photo
“I am left with only my own thinking heart / in this nightmare humanity has dreamt / for itself.”
dark clouds hover over the hills

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