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“In a field of lilies trampled by warriors / the Shekhinah weeps”
close up of light yellow-white lilies with black background
“We walk in fear, in doubt, in uncertainty, / so why do we even bother to pray?”
Why Bother to Pray?
“As this day begins its dark descent / our tongues go dry again”
Tisha b’Av, Again
“But there’s the funnyman, the Jew / with stubbled jaw and haunted eyes”
Here: For Volodymyr Zelensky
“My grandparents / spoke Yiddish on muddy streets”
Oseh Shalom: For Ukraine
“Because they left / We live.”
Vigil: Relentless Nostalgia

“Bless those fighting to protect their homeland”

Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

“G-d of compassion, / Put an end to the war in the Ukraine”

For Three Leaders, For the World

“A cemetery twice desecrated / A people the world long forgot”

Babi Yar ’22

“May God bless you and keep you safe”

Stroller in a War Zone: A Blessing for the Children of Ukraine

The Reconstructionist Network

Liturgy Writing for Prayer Leaders

This immersion is for prayer leaders who have some experience writing prayers and want to receive feedback and hone their skills as liturgists in a supportive environment.

Six sessions, starting May 24th

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