Blessings for Food

Food is a source of sustenance and pleasure. It brings us together around the table for holiday feasts and simple weekday meals. Baking challah with an old family recipe reminds us how food connects us to time and tradition. Trying an international dish at a new restaurant or growing our own tomatoes can show us the complex relationship between food and place. All of this is remarkable, providing so many reasons to pause and offer a blessing. 

Latest Rituals

“For the treasures of healthy sustenance I enjoy each day”

Kavannah Before Eating

“the kindness your soul starvingly seeks”

Holy Eating

“This is the story of how our bread came to be…”

Alternative Ha-Motzi: The Bread of the Cosmos

A mindful alternative blessing before eating

Meditation for Mindful Eating

Humanist HaMotzi

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