Building a Sukkah

Celebrating Sukkot in your own sukkah is a uniquely joyful experience. All you need is enthusiasm, a small patch of open sky, and a few basic materials. Our resources show you how to build a sukkah and how to fully enjoy this special tradition.

Latest Rituals

“No sukkah should be quite the same”

How to Build a Sukkah

A multigenerational meditation on why we build the sukkah

group of people standing around and chatting outside a sukkah

No space is too small to build a sukkah!

Balcony Sukkah

Blessings to recite for building the sukkah and dwelling in it

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A one-woman project using readily available materials and strategic craft-store and end-of-December purchases

Building a Family Sukkah

Illustration for a do-it-yourself family sukkah

Outdoor Rituals For Tu Bi'Shevat

The Reconstructionist Network

Jewish Art as

Join Black, Queer Jewish artist Ayeola Omolara Kaplan for a deep dive into creating artwork informed by Jewish social justice work. 

Four sessions, starting Feb. 28th

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