Theme Seders

The traditional Passover seder tells a story of liberation and freedom. Theme seders take this core narrative and apply it contemporary struggles for equality and basic human rights.

Latest Rituals

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NeoHasid Haggadah 2021

A liberal Pesakh haggadah

Meal of Freedom
An Outline for a Feminist Seder
A Pesach Play in Six Irreverent Acts

A women’s seder inviting Muslim guests to share their stories

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We set an intention to engage in Tikkun HaLev, to soften our hearts in order to heal them

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Haggadah honoring the spirit of MLK

MLK+50 Interfaith Freedom Seder

Haggadah supplement addressing the Rohingya crisis

An Exodus in our Time: A Reflection on the Rohingya Crisis

Haggadah focused on global justice issues

Global Justice Haggadah: Next Year in a Just World

Passover place cards to facilitate discussion on global Jewish diversity

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The Reconstructionist Network

Jewish Art as

Join Black, Queer Jewish artist Ayeola Omolara Kaplan for a deep dive into creating artwork informed by Jewish social justice work. 

Four sessions, starting Feb. 28th

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