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Ritualwell is the most extensive online resource that curates original Jewish rituals for Jews and fellow seekers. We publish rituals, ceremonies, prayers and poems to mark sacred moments in Jewish life. Through creating and sharing rituals, hosting Ritualwell Immersions (online learning experiences), curating an online Judaica shop and hosting Rabbi Connect, Ritualwell fosters a supportive environment for Jewish creativity, spiritual growth and discovery.

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Our History
Beginning in the early 1990s, the Kolot Center for Jewish Women’s and Gender Studies at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College amassed a treasure trove of new Jewish rituals. Responding to the call for resources that speak to the experiences of women and LGBTQ people, the collection expanded with inclusive rituals, prayers, poems, ceremonies and songs for all lifecycle moments. The filing cabinet of folders and photocopies grew as demand increased over the years. In partnership with the Jewish feminist organization Ma’yan, in 2001 Ritualwell.org was created to house this growing collection.

Ritualwell not only makes countless rituals easily accessible online for free, but also invites anyone to submit their own rituals to share with the world. Since its inception, Ritualwell has expanded its resources to offer rituals to a wider audience within and beyond the Jewish community. Today, over 2,300 rituals have been published by over 400 contributors, and accessed by over a quarter million people each year. As we continue to respond to the changing needs of Jews and fellow seekers for content that give their lives meaning, Ritualwell has grown to become a virtual oasis offering Jewish online learning opportunities (Ritualwell Immersions), one-on-one virtual sessions with rabbis (Rabbi Connect), and an online marketplace, all to increase the pathways to accessing creative Jewish meaning. In an ever changing world where people increasingly turn to virtual spaces to find connection, Ritualwell.org is the go-to resource for discovering new Jewish pathways to meaning.

Ritualwell is an initiative of Reconstructing Judaism in Wyncote, PA. It was originally a project of Kolot: The Center for Jewish Women’s and Gender Studies of RRC and was created in partnership with Ma’yan, the Jewish Women’s Project. Thanks to Ruth Heiges for her contributions to earlier iterations of this project.

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