On the Seder Table

Parsley, haroset, oranges, Miriam’s Cup: What are these symbolic objects we find on the seder table? Where do they all go?

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“We try to still this sweet / and fragile moment together”
This Fragile Moment: Breaking the Middle Matzah

“This Passover, there will be a place for lesbians in Judaism”

A Crust of Bread at the Seder Table
Vegan Seder Adjustments
The Egg on the Seder Plate

Passover place cards to facilitate discussion on global Jewish diversity

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Add a new symbol to your seder plate to welcome refugees

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Place a brick on the seder table to symbolize the oppression of trans people

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The Reconstructionist Network

Jewish Art as

Join Black, Queer Jewish artist Ayeola Omolara Kaplan for a deep dive into creating artwork informed by Jewish social justice work. 

Four sessions, starting Feb. 28th

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