Leaving Home

When children leave home, both parents and children experience mixed emotions. Parents may feel satisfaction that their children have attained the maturity and competence to venture out, even as they regret the emptiness they feel. Children may feel excitement and trepidation about embarking independently and also sadness as they leave their childhood home. Rituals such as those offered here can help everyone through this complex experience.

Latest Rituals

“Your birthright renews every breath”

“Learning from the book of humanity …”
We Dream the Dream

A poem about the wisdom in female friendship and laughter

Jewish Women & Laughter
A poem acknowledging we each have divine gifts.
For Sharing Divine Gifts

A ritual for saying goodbye to a sacred text or person

Goodbye Ritual

A poem for embracing chosen family

In Embrace of Ruth

How do we decide to be who we are meant to be?

A New Traveler’s Prayer

A prayer to be said upon a child leaving for college

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