Prayer in this Time of War in Israel and Palestine

woman deep in thought
May those who are mourning be comforted, may those who are scared be sheltered beneath Shekhinah’s wing, may those who continue to forge the way towards peace be blessed with resilience and resolve.


May we have the wisdom to discern which cycles to perpetuate and which cycles to interrupt, and may we build the relationships that make both possible.


May those who have the privilege of sleeping safely tonight, even amidst worry, rest deeply enough to dream of a world liberated from violence and fear.


May we make room for sadness, confusion, and grief to rise and may we be tenderised by them.


May love flow from our broken hearts, and may their yearning return us to our humanity.


May we move at right pace, with care, and together, in solidarity with those most impacted.


May we be ever mindful of our role as co-creators, and may we use our power to create a world that’s more loving, just, and peaceful.
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