Preparing for Passover

Passover requires a lot of work. Cleaning, cooking and planning a seder involve a great deal of time and labor. These poems, songs, and kavannot help us prepare our hearts as well as our homes.

Latest Rituals

“Seder participants select a decorated pillowcase”
Passover Pillowcase Ritual

Bringing mindfulness to the act of welcoming guests through a chant and series of ritual intentions

Eight Ritual Steps of Hakhnasat Orkhim (Welcoming Guests)

Questions for contemplation on removing inner hametz

Nissan Guided Meditation

A new chant to sing while searching for hametz

Bedikat Hametz Chant

“What more can be said about plagues?”

Bo: Meeting Pharoah Within the Void

“Do we see our world in the burning bush?”

It’s the Voice

“A life saved by civil disobedience”

Shemot: Names of Lament

“I never understood / why you couldn’t just / let my people go”

To Pharoah

“I used to whisper evening prayers / Now I recite statistics”

Exodus in a Time of Plague

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