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“One time, we tried to learn a line dance / where we linked arms in order of the generations…”
an elderly person's hand touches a baby's foot
a family heirloom photo
“I cannot be soothed / because there are / no moral answers…”
a woman looks up at the sky, hands in prayer at her heart
“reaching toward me, / as alive and animated / as my own unimaginable heart–”
a hand reaches out to the shadows
“A thousand funerals in / one day    a shortage of diggers / an excess of graves.”
headstone with hebrew writing and stones on top
“My grandparents / spoke Yiddish on muddy streets”
Oseh Shalom: For Ukraine
“Because they left / We live.”
Vigil: Relentless Nostalgia
“My ancestors speak to me there in that small, windowless room”
Safety Box

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