Prayer for People, Peace, and Planet

the sun is setting in an orange sky with purple sky on top of the orange. Wildflowers appear in the forefront of the sunset.
Berukhah At Shekhinah
Blessed are you, Sacred Source,
You who unfolds time and space, dancing with us in the work of creation, 
We offer this humble prayer:
Compassionate Source, please help us heal our country.
May those who govern be honest and faithful, moving with integrity, humility, and wisdom.
May this country be a place where resources are distributed equitably, and where each person has access to food, clean water, shelter, education, and health care.
May our nation’s leadership leverage their power to eradicate gun violence, mass shootings, and state-sanctioned violence against black and brown people.
May all work to dismantle systems that harm, and instead create systems of care, especially for those most at the margins—disabled folks, people of color, trans and non-gender-conforming youth, and beloved members of the queer community everywhere.
And may we remember that we are your partners, and that we have a role in building our communities and taking care of each other.
Elemental Source, please help us to heal our planet.
May the burning of wildfires impassion us to take action against rising global temperatures.
May the rippled impact of earthquakes remind us that our choices have aftershocks.
May hurricanes and storms open our own floodgates of compassion.
May record-setting temperatures and extraordinary weather events remind us that we have a responsibility to those who have been displaced by climate chaos.
And may we remember that we are your partners, and that we have a role in healing our planet and sheltering each other.
Parental Source, please help us to create peace in Israel and in Palestine.
May you help all people to loosen their grip on weapons and instead hold complexity with nuance.
May the world affirm the Jewish people’s right to safety and security, and may we have the strength to take responsibility for the consequences.
May we build relationships and not settlements, remembering that all people are your children, and our siblings.
May we never forget that we are all connected, historically, relationally, energetically, and that harm to one is harm to all.
May you bring comfort to our broken hearts and healing to where there has been trauma.
And may we remember that we are your partners, and that we have a role in healing our family and protecting each other.
Source of Shalom, please help us embody wholeness.
May we experience equanimity that allows us to rest deeply at night, trusting that all will be well, and giving over that which is beyond us.
May we feel the connection between inner and outer peace, balancing care for ourselves with care for others.
May we enjoy the kind of peace that comes when we let go of scarcity so that all people have what they need.
May we trust that you are Change and that all is evolving exactly as it should.
And may we remember that we are your partners, and that we have a role in creating peace and sharing it with each other.
Source of All, may we be ever-mindful of your will and power, and may we truly know the reverberations of our own. And, in the year ahead, may we rise to the occasion as your partners, taking seriously our role to create the world as it could be.

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