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This ritual can be used as a way to enter into a Tu B’shvat seder or teaching session or as an intention-setting or witnessing ritual for an environmental action
white hands cupping water over a body of water
“It is a cosmic principle … the Eternal Mystery”
Hukat Olam

Custom based on the mystical belief that the restorative waters of Miriam’s Well flow through all wells and natural springs on Saturday night

Miriam’s Well Healing Ritual

“Open to the holiness inside”

Wide as the Water (Mi Hamokha) Song

“Mentor me, within the depths”

Hayyei Sarah: In the Flow
“We have the opportunity / To become a re-creation”
Hayyei Sarah: My Prayer

“We come to drink / Sacred waters”

This Well of Healing

A virtual conversion ritual with handwashing to evoke the mikveh

Handwashing Ritual for Online Conversion
Wash Your Hands

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