High Holidays

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The High Holidays, which comprise Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, are the holiest dates on the Jewish calendar. A time to take stock of our live, seek forgiveness, and start fresh, this season invites us to reflect on what matters most to us and to return to our deepest selves.

Latest Rituals

“Pay attention. This is not a test.”
person in silhouette blowing shofar against white curtains
Acknowledging the loneliness of being unable to pray in community
person in red hoodie walking through field of tall wheat looking out to sunset in the distance
“Blessed are you for bending time”
half moon titled in blue purple sky
“We welcome those who join us virtually on these days”
person having online call or meeting with someone on the computer. live person is shown with hand as if gesturing in conversation. person on computer is smiling.
“Why make my descendants suffer like that?”
woman in a desert with mounds of sand shown with shadows. she is small and far away in the scene.
“My dear, there are no keys to the palace”
light brown skinned woman with curly dark hair dressed in gauzy gown looking contemplative in halo-like crown with hair pinned up and curls coming down in field with tree and sunlight
“May the seeds of this year / Be planted”
closeup of white hand holding seed packet pouring seeds into garden container near soil
“Forgive me and help me to forgive myself and others”
white woman with eyes closed immersed in water, half her face submerged, smiling
An introduction to the Zikhronot section of the Rosh Hashanah liturgy
person in silhouette looking up at dark night sky in navy and various shades of blue and stars. Person is looking up to sky.
“May you be as a baby yet unborn, / floating in Mother Ocean”
four people, some wearing kippot, at the edge of a lake throwing breadcrumbs to perform the tashlikh ritual

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