High Holidays

black and white photo of man in silhouette sitting at the ledge of open window looking out at cloudy sky

The High Holidays, which comprise Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, are the holiest dates on the Jewish calendar. A time to take stock of our live, seek forgiveness, and start fresh, this season invites us to reflect on what matters most to us and to return to our deepest selves.

Latest Rituals

“Sweet, viscous, and dripping off an apple…”
a honey dish and cut apple
“I didn’t fast on Yom Kippur / But I mended my relationship with my spouse and children by being present in the moment and honest about my feelings in a positive way…”
clouds in a bright blue sky
“May we never forget that we are all connected, historically, relationally, energetically, and that harm to one is harm to all.”
the sun is setting in an orange sky with purple sky on top of the orange. Wildflowers appear in the forefront of the sunset.
“I leave my safe haven / this night of purity and sighs”
close up of fig tree leaves and branches against blue sky
“there’s a message in my muscles but the pain is too loud for me to hear”
A silhouette of a person holding their arms against the sky, set against a body of water and sunset over mountains
“We signed on to a covenant: / If we take care of the earth / it will take care of us.”
A hazy view of fields with mountains in the disatnce
A water ritual for beginning the fast of Yom Kippur
White-skinned hands grasp a glass of blue water
“The silent air before it is blown into sound inside the horn of a beast…”
woman blowing shofar
“How do you steer this thing? / Which end is helm and which is the stern?”
small yellow boat
A poem of admiration for pomegranates
bowl of pomegranates

The Reconstructionist Network

Light the World: A Nia Dance Party for Hanukkah

Welcome Hanukkah through the Nia movement practice. We’ll kindle our unique candles to music by Jewish singers, followed by prompts for reflection and writing. Nia is adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Move with us on December 7, 2023.

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