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Verses to be sung to Leonard Cohen’s ‘Halleluyah’
a group of people standing in shadow, holding hands
“And I believe her, / as I march with her colors. / Next time she’ll march with mine…”
The author and her friend march together
“And I wish / The fields of Israel’s kalaniot — red poppies — / Were all that were needed to generate peace”
a field of red poppies
“The ones who say Zionism is a dirty word, / The ones who choose death on your account, / They only see the ‘ism.'”
View of the negev desert with a small tree
“Please one who receives, crack me open so all I do is open…”
a person stands on a beach with arms open wide
“May the Holy Oneness hold us in the Light / so we may gaze upon the Sacred in each other’s eyes.”
a bird flies acriss a sky of clouds, some light and some dark
“May I be humbled to not to feel as though I have any true power to create meaningful, lasting change from my squares of influence…”
a woman sits on the grass looking at her phone
“Waiting for the release of the Hostages / Waiting for the end of the War / Waiting for the rebuilding of Gaza…”
a peace sign made of leaves
“If we gather around the Seder table in joy and don’t make room for tears, lo dayenu…”
the sun rises over the desert
Rabbi Yael Levy shares a Jewish mindfulness approach to this year’s seder.
a blue flower spring up from brown rocks

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