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“And I wish I had special wipers / that could wipe away the tears, the pain, the anger…”
a car driving at dusk
“Keep faith / with the brightness / of all things good…”
a person stands looking into the light
“I pray to a God of peace / a God that doesn’t love us differently…”
A man walks alone at the sea
“Bring peace to the anger in the world…”
rocks on the ocean
“for us, / for the children, /  and for the children’s children…”
children in silhouette playing on the rocks
“I do not know the right answer. / I do not know how to end hatred.”
sunrise through the clouds
“may the day arrive / when every life is a treasure…”
green grass, trees and a stream
“In the light of the candles / I hope to see a shift from all hatred, / the homecoming of all hostages…”
a table of hanukkah candles

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