Women experience menopause in various ways. For some, it is liberating to be done with their monthly cycles. Others grieve the loss of reproductive potential. Whether the passage into menopause is difficult or joyful, physically or emotionally, these rituals sanctify the changes aging brings to our embodied selves.

Latest Rituals

A complete ritual for monthly exams for all people with breasts
hand holding one apple blossom

Ritual for moving into new phase of life post-childbearing

Fill Your Plate: An Earth-based Ritual of Transition to Post-childbearing Stage

Source sheet pairing verses from Eicha with voices of immigrant parents separated from their children

Third Age Ritual

Traditional blessings for mikveh immersion

Traditional Mikveh Blessings
A poem about a daughter’s onset of menses at the same time as her mother, the poet, begins menopause
silhouette of a woman photographed from behind in the lotus position facing the sunrise

A moving prayer in which the author, working off the traditional kaddish, mourns her inability to birth a child

women pictured from behind staring at mountains

The Reconstructionist Network

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