Historically, only a man could initiate Jewish divorce proceedings. The ceremony itself required a woman’s passive participation and did not address the concerns of same-sex couples. Recognizing that a divorce means more than the dissolution of property, we offer rituals to provide comfort and closure—addressing a range of emotions for all people going through a divorce. May these rituals bring healing to all who use them.

Latest Rituals

Divorce ritual with small group of friends

Divorce Ritual
Ritual for removing wedding ring after partner’s death (could be modified for divorce)
On Taking Off A Wedding Ring

Traditional text of a Jewish get/ divorce

river from above with forks

Traditional blessings for mikveh immersion

Traditional Mikveh Blessings

Ritual that includes planting a seed for new life after a divorce

sprouting seed

A moving ritual marking a divorce

scissors paper and clips

A tashlikh ritual to affirm one’s wholeness after a divorce

Tekes Ishur V’shleimut: A Ritual of Affirmation and Wholeness after Divorce

This prayer acknowledges the completion of a divorce in the presence of community

woman in silhouette against sunset

Respectful egalitarian divorce ritual that includes a prayer for separating, intentions for a future loving relationship, and blessings from witnesses for compassion and an end to conflict and strife.

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