Holocaust Remembrance Day

Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Hasho’ah) allows us to memorialize the greatest tragedy experienced by the Jewish people in modern times. It reminds us that, wrapped up in that unfathomable horror, were millions of individual lives—real people with real stories. It is up to us to learn and share these stories on their behalf. Together, we say we must never forget. Rituals for Yom Hashoah vary. Some communities read names of people killed in the Holocaust, some observe moments of silence. New liturgy is still being developed, and it is sadly relevant, since genocide continues to plague our world.

Latest Rituals

“Later, alone, she taught herself the art / of painting flower portraits. I learned that part…”
a painting of green plants against a blue sky
“1935, the girls are packing / for America. / Their parents will not wait for things to get worse.”
Passover Haggadah
In this beautiful poem, the author explores her loss of innocence and search for understanding.
two long rows of yahrzeit candles some of them lit

“A cemetery twice desecrated / A people the world long forgot”

Babi Yar ’22

“coming to America, we were still alone”

Second Generation

Rooted in the traumas of Jewish history, we reach out in solidarity with our neighbors who are oppressed

Stranger’s Roots
“We must never forget them”
The Night That Never Ends

“My father did not know how to pray”

Hear Me
“the holy is broken / the broken is holy…”
Yom HaSho’ah Prayer
Threefold Blessing

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