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Latest Rituals

“We stand on the edge of possibility and loss”
Unetaneh Tokef: Facing our Environmental Challenge

Tekhine connecting the mitzvah of honoring our parents with the mitzvah of caring for Mother Earth

A Tekhine to Honor Mother Earth

“Each moment I am grateful for this planet /¬†Where the air is just right”

A Prayer for Our Precious Planet Earth

“I pray / you will speak with care”

Prayer for the Glasgow Summit 2021

Interpretive translation of second paragraph of the Shema

And If You Listen Closely: The Overlooked Paragraph of the Shema

“Could we save the blazing forests?”

Grand Aleinu for the Burning West

“To all who died from global warming and climate change”

El Maleh Rakhamim for Victims of Climate Change

An alternative ritual for not lighting Shabbat candles

Reimagining Candle Lighting in a Time of Climate Crisis

“May we open our eyes to possibility, our ears to dialogue, our hearts to compassion”

Kaddish for Our Country

“These I remember and my heart breaks open with tears”

Eileh Ezkarah: A Martyrology Service for Our Time

The Reconstructionist Network

Liturgy Writing for Prayer Leaders

This immersion is for prayer leaders who have some experience writing prayers and want to receive feedback and hone their skills as liturgists in a supportive environment.

Six sessions, starting May 24th

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