Ending Relationships

The dissolution of a relationship is heartbreaking. Years of shared love and commitment can turn to bitterness and acrimony. Even friendly separations generate feelings of sorrow and loss. We offer rituals that address these emotions. These ceremonies also remedy the male-female power imbalance inherent in the traditional Jewish divorce procedure.

Latest Rituals

A ritual of transition between what was and what will be in order to mark a new chapter in life.
A Ritual for Separation/Divorce

Divorce ritual with small group of friends

Divorce Ritual
Ritual for removing wedding ring after partner’s death (could be modified for divorce)
On Taking Off A Wedding Ring

On being un-chosen

child hands on rainy window

These days, I separate myself from community

Holiness in the Journey: A Prayer for Separation and Becoming

To connect the physical with the mental, emotional, and spiritual, Mayyim Hayyim provides Seven Kavanot (intentions) as a guide to help you slow down, center, and be present in the moment

washing hands

Traditional text of a Jewish get/ divorce

river from above with forks

Traditional blessings for mikveh immersion

Traditional Mikveh Blessings

Ritual that includes planting a seed for new life after a divorce

sprouting seed

The Reconstructionist Network

Reclaiming the Hebrew Goddess and Writing Her Anew

Dive deep into the legacy of the Hebrew goddess! Through thoughtful reflection and inspired creative writing with guided writing prompts, discover where her secrets are hidden and reclaim her for your own. Six sessions starting December 14, 2023.

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