Tradition & Innovation
  • people in circle bringing individual candles together to light as one
    Havdalah Gedolah, by Jill Ratzan

    Closing ritual for school year, camp session, or other group time

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  • painting of american flag
    Psalm of Protest 12: On the Eve of an Election, by Alden Solovy

    Woe to the usurpers who gain power falsely

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  • woman in shadow looking at the sea
    Petichta (Opening) to the Prayer for our Country, by Rabbi Annie Lewis

    This week, when we are confronted with
    the brokenness of our country
    and our own broken hearts,
    embrace us as we are, where we are.

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  • malachim jewish angel cards
    Malachim Jewish Angel Cards, by Deborah Eisenbach-Budner

    Each card features an image and blessing, to be used on Shabbat and holidays

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Alden Solovy

An artistic validation of the many textures of grief