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  • woman meditating in silouette by the ocean
    10 Resources to Inspire Gratitude

    Connect to gratitude as a source of resilience

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  • Sad woman with eyes closed
    El Maley Rakhamim for Victims of Gun Violence, by Rabbi Hannah Spiro

    Remind us of your Divine Presence here, below, where hearts break as blood flows

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  • two women embracing in grief
    Prayer for the Shabbat after Pittsburgh, by Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

    Shall we also sit shiva for America the beautiful?

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  • group of stones, one of which shows the word Remember
    Ahavah Rabbah: Unending Love for Pittsburgh, by Rabbi Annie Lewis

    "We are beautiful. / We are beloved. / We are worthy of life."

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Only months after giving birth did I realize how much I could have benefited from a spiritual birth plan

Forgiveness and Spirituality for Therapists

An online workshop with Rabbi Elisa Goldberg

Fill your therapeutic toolbox with resources to support clients on the path to asking for or receiving forgiveness

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