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  • apples and honey
    Preparing for Rosh Hashanah by, Sheri Lindner

    The smell of Gorham’s silver polish releases memory

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  • woman praying in a field
    Alternative Avodah Service by, Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann

    For years I struggled to make sense of the Avodah service on Yom Kippur

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  • person holding a prayer book
    Interpretive Vidui by, Devon Spier

    The following prayer contains seven words of atonement that are read aloud during the traditional Vidui prayer

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The prayers and tunes of S’lichot are meant to crack into our yearnings for all that is good, righteous and holy, and to point us toward our own errors. We’ve put stumbling blocks in front of ourselves. Realizing that we’ve knocked ourselves off our own feet, we’re called upon to see our regrets as a doorway to repentance.

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Cry No More

By Alden Solovy
"For this is the day that G-d made / To lift you up from your sorrow and shame"   more

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