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  • Hand on shoulder
    Hand of God Meditation, by Ariel Neshama Lee

    Any time you are afraid, anxious, uncertain, all you need to do is reach out your hand...

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  • Woman sitting on mountain look at sunny view
    A Prayer for Questions, by Devon Spier

    My questions lead me in and beyond myself...

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  • Sketch of sefirot by Susan Richards
    A Kabbalistic Meditation for the Omer, by Ariel Neshama Lee

    This meditation invites you to see yourself taking a journey into the Tree of Life

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  • Friends holding hands jumping
    The Season of Freedom, by Alden Solovy

    This is the season of freedom:
    Of freedom from the will of tyrants,
    Of freedom from the bondage of self,
    To become a nation and a people.

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