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A powerful ritual that encompasses all of the emotions of transitioning to a wheelchair.
a close up of a hand holding the rim of a wheelchair
A new interpretation of the Shehekhiyanu to acknowledge imperfect situations.
hands comforting hands
Joanie Calem’s song shares about the experience of sensory overwhelm
a child covers his eyes
Joanie Calem shares music about disability inclusion.
an image of people with disabilities and non-disabled people enjoying a park
“What a world, what a world, full of every kind of thinking / Where we were never even meant to be the same….”
swirling colors of a galaxy
“Make room beyond the river for my sister, who / is singing Miriam’s song…”
a collage features a hand reaching towards the sun
Rabbi Emily Aronson created this powerful new blessing based on Birkat Kohanim, the Priestly Benediction.
image of people including someone using a wheelchair on a rainbow
This blessing honors the soul present inside every human.
a silhouette of people holding hands including someone in a wheelchair
“Blessed is God, Ruler of the Universe, who created people with disabilities in Your image. / Blessed is God, who cherishes disabled lives and desires that they flourish and thrive.”
a whte-skinned woman sits in a wheelcahr and fold her hands in prayer
“May we never forget that we are all connected, historically, relationally, energetically, and that harm to one is harm to all.”
the sun is setting in an orange sky with purple sky on top of the orange. Wildflowers appear in the forefront of the sunset.

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