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“I offer instead / my presence…”
sunbeams coming through the fog in the forest
An greeting for mourners orienting towards one another.
a person in shadow bent in grief
“A thousand funerals in / one day    a shortage of diggers / an excess of graves.”
headstone with hebrew writing and stones on top
“We are all mourners now / Needing, wanting, giving comfort / For ourselves…” For each other.”
people embrace in tears
“But today, there are not enough words in the Psalm / to cover the number of victims of this hate.” 
clouds in a bright blue sky
“Time for your / soul to take flight, time for your soul / to light a new star.”
blue and purple galaxy of stars
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“I cannot tear it all down, / rip out the broken heart of it, / and be done with it.”
A person stands on the rocks, overlooking the ocean on a dark day
“May the cries of every neshama / Be rendered into / Notes of comfort…”
seagull flying over beach
“what I really need to work on is letting in”
white hand holding lit candle in small glass jar

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