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“On the land / we were forbidden to light / candles, they now burn / under rocket-fire”
close up of five hanukkah candles burning in the dark
“It isn’t only oil but / The flame of faith that burns”
group of lit menorahs shining in the dark

a Hanukkah 2020 reflection inspired by the Jewish Studio Art Project 


An original melody for Hanukkah

Hanerot Hallalu Kodesh Hem: These Lights of Ours are Holy

“It doesn’t even matter if the miracles are true / What matters is what they stand for”

Pandemic Hanukkah

Ladino version of the traditional Hallel sung on the seventh night of Hanukkah

Bendigamos al Altísimo: A Ladino Hanukkah Blessing for the Seventh Night

“She chopped and mixed from scratch”


Original Hanukkah song

One Becomes Two Becomes More: A Hanukkah Song

“The mystics teach that the lights of Hanukkah reflect the Infinite light of creation”

Meditations for the Days of Hanukkah

“Blessed is the light of hope, the light that leads us to a vision of a better world”

Humanistic Hanukkah Blessings

The Reconstructionist Network

Liturgy Writing for Prayer Leaders

This immersion is for prayer leaders who have some experience writing prayers and want to receive feedback and hone their skills as liturgists in a supportive environment.

Six sessions, starting May 24th

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