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Latest Rituals

A ritual for mindful and embodied recitation of the shema
woman looking up with eyes closed

“Every garment I inherited from you / is something to wrap in”

Wrapping, Embracing

“With each knot, I bind my / name and deeds to You”

Tallit Blessings: Tying the Knots

“I sweep away flaked remnants of hope”


“Remember, you can always find Me in the fringes.” 

Torah of the Broken Heart

“I am blessed by the light of the morning”

Morning Humanistic Blessings – Modeh Ani

“I wish for You to descend upon me”

The 19th Blessing

“I cry out to You”

With Trembling Hands

A blessing over the tallit for Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month

We are Not the Fringes

The Reconstructionist Network

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