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“We are here / To find the cracks / At the edges of possibilities”
mountains sunrise fog clouds
“Will my God turn on the light in this dark room?”
dandelion lying on pavement
Affirmations for courage
When I Forget I Am Strong
It is a minhag (custom) of expressing gratitude to put out breadcrumbs for the birds on Erev Shabbat of Parshat BeShalakh.
Feeding the Birds: Shabbat Shirah

“Your birthright renews every breath”


“I sweep away flaked remnants of hope”


“May we honor the earth that has received the remnants of that which has been destroyed”

Four Worlds Ritual for Tisha B’Av: Remembering, Mourning, and Renewal

“And the sounds of our voices, together, are luscious.”

On Re-entering Sacred Space After Quarantine

“Allow us to rise in the morning with the fragrance of a new dawn”

Hashkiveinu for Hope

“The past and the present are one here”

Shabbat in Berlin

The Reconstructionist Network

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