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“When I raise my voice in anger, help me see the Divine Spark in my opponent.”
sunlight shining on an open field
“To our friends and family / From the windswept Golan / To the sands of the Arava: / We hold you in our hearts”
footsteps in sand
“plant and nurture unusual seeds of courageous outreach, illogical extension of olive branches, and creative solutions based in truth, love, and mutuality, healthy self-interest and sustainability.”
a black-skinned had and white-skinned hand hold hands
“I didn’t fast on Yom Kippur / But I mended my relationship with my spouse and children by being present in the moment and honest about my feelings in a positive way…”
clouds in a bright blue sky
“Sometimes there is not /  enough space / to contain all of the grief.”
an empty bench facing a wide green lawn
“After the pain settles, and swear words stop, /I am left with healing of my body. / But healing of body takes time…”
A woman rests on a couch with her eyes closed
“Today, as I affix mezuzot, as I say the shehekhayanu, / As I step into a new chapter of my life, / I take this moment to acknowledge / That my life is about to change.”
woman approaching colorful door
A reminder of our covenant with the Source of Life.
green mountains above a green valley
A participatory D’var Torah for Parshat Beha’alotekha
woman in desert throwing sand in arcs

The Reconstructionist Network

Reclaiming the Hebrew Goddess and Writing Her Anew

Dive deep into the legacy of the Hebrew goddess! Through thoughtful reflection and inspired creative writing with guided writing prompts, discover where her secrets are hidden and reclaim her for your own. Six sessions starting December 14, 2023.

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