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“Who is responsible for my hurt?”
person wearing white shirt out in a field with palm on their own heart
“I bend and bless the earth / with my own brokenness”
person's hand touching pink flowers against dark background
“It is a cosmic principle … the Eternal Mystery”
Hukat Olam
“World events do not recognize my opinions”
I Am Learning
“These ancient wounds afflict so many”
These Ancient Wounds
“We lean into Your guidance / like wobbly-legged toddlers.”
Prayer for Guidance and Protection in Times of Fear
Prayers for reading the news in a spiritually intentional way
Prayers Before and After Reading the News
“However we have abused ourselves or others, something within us remains pure”
Recovery Dayeinu
Prayer for the journey of chemotherapy and the light which is carried within it
Prayer for Undergoing Chemotherapy
“To see each member of our community / With clear eyes and an open heart”  
For Those Who Endure Chronic Conditions

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