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“If human soul is divine flame, / how can we draw close / to what flickers”
close up of white hand holding lit candle in glass holder
“Mom, / You tried to teach me / The key to my / Heritage of resilience.”
My Mom Channeling Balaam

“May God bless you and keep you safe”

Stroller in a War Zone: A Blessing for the Children of Ukraine

“As Shabbat begins, / May Adonai revive our ability to feel”

Entering Shabbat

“In celebration we gather, / Knowing that what we celebrate is more / than the sum of the parts”

Prayer in Celebration of Ritualwell’s 20th Anniversary

Blessing inspired by Marcia Falk in honor of Ritualwell

Blessing in Honor of Ritualwell’s 20th Anniversary

“I call out in my despair / And God responds”

Joy and Despair

“May this be the last whispered prayer of my life”

Modah Ani

“Bless and heal the named and unnamed ones”

Hear Our Prayers
“We become / what is burned into us: what / we open ourselves to.”
Prayers from a dark room

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