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“I didn’t fast on Yom Kippur / But I mended my relationship with my spouse and children by being present in the moment and honest about my feelings in a positive way…”
clouds in a bright blue sky
The sacrificial goat shares a nuanced view of this Yom Kippur tradition.
goat on mountain ledge
“But beat gentle, sinners and you, / you few righteous ones.”
man's fist on his chest
“Every day we exist inside unfinished business.”
woman in profile holding tree branch
“Who is responsible for my hurt?”
person wearing white shirt out in a field with palm on their own heart
“Forgive me and help me to forgive myself and others”
white woman with eyes closed immersed in water, half her face submerged, smiling
Finding forgiveness and self-compassion
May I Find Forgiveness
“These ancient wounds afflict so many”
These Ancient Wounds

“How can I ask you for forgiveness”


“this desert threatens to swallow us”

A Narrow Bridge

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