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“You’re the essential / Co-repairer of the world”
close up of mosaic of red white blue and yellow pieces
“god sighs, if only I had / a reader in my likeness”
night sky with sweeping purple yellow blue clouds and stars in the background
“Praise the heartbeat of the universe”
view of mountains in blue and white sky with clouds with person on a rocky outcrop small in the scene
“What’s moves us most?”
To Arrive in This Moment
“Seder participants select a decorated pillowcase”
Passover Pillowcase Ritual
“Creativity infused / Through my body / As an offering of love.”
Vayikra: The Call of the Aleph
It is a minhag (custom) of expressing gratitude to put out breadcrumbs for the birds on Erev Shabbat of Parshat BeShalakh.
Feeding the Birds: Shabbat Shirah

Blessing inspired by Marcia Falk in honor of Ritualwell

Blessing in Honor of Ritualwell’s 20th Anniversary

“May it be Your will that Shekhinah reside in the work of my hands”

Prayer for Crafting

Creating sacred space for prayer writing

Blessings for Writing Prayer

The Reconstructionist Network

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