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A full ritual meal for LGBTQIA+ pride.
person in purple shirt holding rainbow cookies
A complete ritual for monthly exams for all people with breasts
hand holding one apple blossom
Torah and Haftarah blessings addressing the Divine as feminine
open torah scroll
“We seek to embody your sacred passion, your wisdom, your strength”
woman in silhouette standing straight looking ahead with setting sun and dark gray sky in background and some trees
“May you claim your ancient power”
brown skinned woman in black tank dress holding hands and dancing with two brown skinned girls by the ocean with water in the background and sunlight
“Pay attention. This is not a test.”
person in silhouette blowing shofar against white curtains
“My dear, there are no keys to the palace”
light brown skinned woman with curly dark hair dressed in gauzy gown looking contemplative in halo-like crown with hair pinned up and curls coming down in field with tree and sunlight
“This is not a song of surrender”
Carillon (We Won’t Go Back): An Anthem for Reproductive Justice
Ritual to acknowledge loss of abortion access
After Roe: A Havdalah Ritual for Losing Abortion Access
“You will not abandon me / even when others who don’t like / what I have to say / choose to gaslight me”
Healing From Jewish Institutional Trauma

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