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“keep me open to wonder and awe so I don’t lose my way in the small places of heart and mind”
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“Adonai Ekhad, One God / One life, eleven lives, too many”
Today’s Shema: For the Victims of Terrorist Attacks in Israel

“Come, splendid author Of every satisfied moment, Of all that is enough.”

She’asani Yisrael

Interpretive translation of second paragraph of the Shema

And If You Listen Closely: The Overlooked Paragraph of the Shema

“Yet turning to You for strength/Is as natural as breathing air”

Return Again

For forming our own words of comfort about the pandemic before the recitation of Sh’ma

On Your Heart

“What’s the buzz Israel”

Cicada Shema

“To remember these words / not only / when we lie down in slumber”

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Meditation on the letters of the Shema

Word of Light: Meditations on the Shema

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