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Latest Rituals

“This is the time of year I love”
Tiferet Sh’be’Kedoshim

“Souls have a way of living on / Inside of us”

Souls Have a Way of Living On
A ritual of transition between what was and what will be in order to mark a new chapter in life.
A Ritual for Separation/Divorce

“I sweep away flaked remnants of hope”


“To do the work of the heart / in the temple of the world …”

Blessing for Diaspora as a Spiritual Practice

“I’m searching for words / to describe this year”

For Waking

“Remember, you can always find Me in the fringes.” 

Torah of the Broken Heart

“Your love is running honey”

Back in the Garden

“Adonai, are you here?”

How to Breathe You

Confession of positive behaviors

Positive Confession (Vidui)

The Reconstructionist Network

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