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“I am more aware of the fluidity of it all”
close up of ocean water with sunlight on the surface
“Here is the landscape: / Shekhinah and Malkhut, / Intermingling”
water droplets on glass
Chant and poem for Tu b’Av
Daughters of Tu b’Av
“These ancient wounds afflict so many”
These Ancient Wounds

“Every garment I inherited from you / is something to wrap in”

Wrapping, Embracing

“I remember my beloveds daily”

Remembering My Beloveds

“Souls have a way of living on / Inside of us”

Souls Have a Way of Living On

“May you join together in songs of praise, songs of joy and songs of sorrow.”

Sheva Berakhot Interpretive Translations

“Help me, God of Old, to see myself / through Your eyes”

Meditation Before Confession

“The King awaits, / Tangible / As the flowers / Of the field…”

Elul: I am for My Beloved and My Beloved is for Me

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