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New ritual and meditations after Shabbat candle lighting
split screen of two photos, one of light-skinned woman with short brown hair, hands open over lit shabbat candles, second image same woman has her hands over her face blessing the shabbat candles

“Come, splendid author Of every satisfied moment, Of all that is enough.”

She’asani Yisrael

Envision your breath as a stream of clear light flowing from you into the shofar

Breath of Light: A Meditation on Blowing of the Shofar

“Each moment a result of God’s compassion”

Held in the Hold

“Help me, God of Old, to see myself / through Your eyes”

Meditation Before Confession

Nurturing a seed of a quality we want to cultivate

Shevat Guided Meditation

Questions for contemplation on removing inner hametz

Nissan Guided Meditation

Series of questions for contemplation during the month of Elul

Elul Guided Meditation

Creative Avodah service that includes meditation

Meditative Avodah Service

“Let your whole range of emotions surround you and wash over you like the water”

Pandemic Anniversary Mikveh Guided Visualization

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