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A guided meditation inspired by the Torah portion
a field of golden wheat, a blue sky amd green trees in the distance
Listen to this meditation focused on finding inner light.
a woman meditating with candles
A series of eight mindfulness meditations for each day of Hanukkah
an oil light with hanukkah candles
“After the pain settles, and swear words stop, /I am left with healing of my body. / But healing of body takes time…”
A woman rests on a couch with her eyes closed
A complete ritual for releasing frustration and anger in nature.
woman standing in a forest clearing
“May memory be a protective seawall / to re-call me: / it’s all about the breath.”
calm woman with eyes closed
A ritual for mindful and embodied recitation of the shema
woman looking up with eyes closed
open hand in the foreground, sun setting in the background
Guided meditation for the Omer
sky of clouds and shining pink rays of sun mirrored over water
An intention for washing hands during Urkhatz
close up of cupped white hands under flowing water

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