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“Our days move like sea waves, sound waves”
person standing in ocean water with arms raised to yellow-pink sky, sun rising or setting
Statements of gratitude paired with each of the 15 steps of the Passover seder
15 Steps of Gratitude, 15 Steps to Freedom: For the Passover Seder
“My knees creak and twinge / as I bend to bless”
Bending to Bless

For Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker and the people of Colleyville, Texas

When the Captives Were Set Free, God Spilled Her Light

“May this be the last whispered prayer of my life”

Modah Ani

“There are no kings / I trust, only¬†ruakh”

Modah Ani for the New Year

“my murmurs are threaded / with half-finished dream”

I Promised My Rabbi

“Praise the nurses. Praise the doctors / Praise oxygen. Praise air.”

A Hallel for COVID-19

“Searching for ways to help us become more Holy”

Modeh, Modah, Modim

“Protecting life is our most precious mitzvah”

Protecting Life: A Prayer for Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine

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