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“We celebrate the triumph / Of love over hate”
queer couple - one in a white bridal gown and one in a blue suit - embracing under a chuppah with a rabbi wearing a rainbow tallit
“I am more aware of the fluidity of it all”
close up of ocean water with sunlight on the surface

This ritual can be woven into an aliyah, another part of a Torah service or can stand alone

Brit Torah: Baby Naming Ceremony

“In celebration we gather, / Knowing that what we celebrate is more / than the sum of the parts”

Prayer in Celebration of Ritualwell’s 20th Anniversary

“I call out in my despair / And God responds”

Joy and Despair

“Help me, God of Old, to see myself / through Your eyes”

Meditation Before Confession

“We gather around our tables/Singing songs of joy”

Gathering Shalom

“And the sounds of our voices, together, are luscious.”

On Re-entering Sacred Space After Quarantine

“May we take this vaccine as a sign of what is to come”

From Darkness to Light: A Meditation on Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine

Confession of positive behaviors

Positive Confession (Vidui)

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