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“May you be as a baby yet unborn, / floating in Mother Ocean”
four people, some wearing kippot, at the edge of a lake throwing breadcrumbs to perform the tashlikh ritual
“I propose that we add an element to the traditional tashlikh ceremony, symbolizing our power: fire.”
group of people sitting around bonfire under night sky, their faces glowing

“As I arrive to this threshold, I am prepared to let go”

Tashlikh for the Shmitah Year

“These I remember and my heart breaks open with tears”

Eileh Ezkarah: A Martyrology Service for Our Time

Ritual to do at home with a bowl of water and ice

Tashlikh at Home

Tashlikh ritual to be performed in the bathroom or using bowl of water

At-Home Tashlikh Ritual

Tashlikh ceremony using bird seed instead of bread crumbs to protect wildlife

An Eco-Sensitive Alternative Tashlich Ritual for Those Unable to Access Flowing Water

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