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A wonderful suggestion for incorporating social justice into the tradition of noise making during the Megillah reading on Purim

Make a Noise on Purim for Social Justice

Focusing on justice and salvation rather than vengeance

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In this revised tradition, we read aloud four Megillah verses highlighting Esther’s triumph alongside the customary four highlighting Mordechai’s role

Verses for Esther, Verses for Mordechai

When the Megillah is read publicly on Purim, four verses about Mordechai are read aloud by the congregation before the reader. The author explains the origin of this custom and suggests four additional verses to celebrate Esther’s heroism.

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This essay explores the Purim story from a feminist perspective, and discusses Ma’yan’s new ritual of waving Esther/Vashti flags during the Megillah reading whenever the heroines’ names are mentioned.

Taking Back Purim

A feminist ritual, Esther/Vashti flags for Purim

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