Back in the Garden

My lover came down to his garden.  
—Song of Songs 6:2
We are back in the garden, my friend,
No time for peaches;
Cut down the apple trees,
Let’s build a house.
No one is getting lost here,
I promise;
I know you too well already,
You are holding my hand.
Let’s find each other blindly,
Let’s taste what is familiar;
It is within the familiarity
That I can be brave.
Your head is like a lion’s,
Your belly is honey,
Your arms are the walls
Of the house that we build.
Your legs are on the run
Toward invisible horizons,
I don’t know where you’re going,
But you’re coming with me.
Your love is floating ash,
Your love is running honey,
Our home is an ocean,
We’re diving in.

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