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“Here, in hearth of heart, / All is made whole.”

Shir Hashirim: The Song of Songs

“Your love is running honey”

Back in the Garden

An original song based on Song of Songs composed for a lesbian wedding

You Have Ravished My Heart, My Sister

An original song based on lyrics from Song of Songs celebrating female same-sex love

Arise, My Love

A prayer for strength and blessings to be recited before entering the mikveh

silhouette of woman under water

A contemporary tisch focused on bringing grateful awareness to the wedding day

Tisch: Gratitude, Appreciation, and Anticipation

As the honey seeps into the cake, we find ourselves showered with sweetness

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Created by a bride and groom in their personal spirit, with an exchange of gifts fulfilling the tradition of kinyan, the “bride price”

Self-Authored Tena’im

A wedding song based on Song of Songs 5:16

open hand in the foreground, sun setting in the background

A seder intended for the eve of the Intermediate Sabbath of Passover when Jews traditionally chant or recite the Song of Songs.

The Song of Songs Seder: A Night of Sacred Sexuality

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