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“What about welcoming the / stranger, I whisper…”
people sitting at a Passover table
“If we gather around the Seder table in joy and don’t make room for tears, lo dayenu…”
the sun rises over the desert
Rabbi Yael Levy shares a Jewish mindfulness approach to this year’s seder.
a blue flower spring up from brown rocks
Rabbi Judith Edelman-Green shares new rituals for this Passover.
two people sit at the Seder table
“The annual retelling is like the sharing of all hard stories, / never told the same way twice.”
a wine glass and the hand of someone holding a Haggadah
Rabbi Lisa S. Greene shares an addition to the seder plate for 2024/5784.
closeup of a fig growing on a tree
“All of the marriages, promises all the lives and deaths behind us all the way back to the Red Sea’s crossing…”
A drawing of Miram dances with a timbrel, set against a oink backdrop.
Adva Chattler adapts four Passover rituals to mark the holiday during this time of war.
a collage of passover symbols with a yellow ribbon in the center
The text is taken completely from the source, but arranged as a found poem.
a plate of matzah and spring flowers
“Pesakh’s blue plate, / a strange / and yet familiar / gathering of ingredients”
seder plate with greens, egg, shank bone, haroset, maror

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